Online Order Customer Feedback

"I plan on making my co-workers x-mas presents with the crystals. I will definitely pass on your company name. I did use the crystals this morning. I have to say they also exceeded my expectations. I have purchased smelly jelly that is as you call it "ice mush" and decomposed . Your crystals are the BEST I have ever seen. I know I will be making future purchases from
I did not intend to make this so lengthy. Thank you for everything. You have been great! Your OUTSTANDING service is refreshing. I have a lot of respect for your company service and quality crystals."
Jina Cannon, Cape May, NJ

" I live in Florida on the West Coast and am a great lover of my garden and lawn. As you well know we have been under moderate to severe drought conditions here for over a year and have been on once per week watering restrictions for some time. I used WaterSmart Crystals in my gardens and plantings and could not believe how well they have flourished on just one light watering per week. My garden looks like an oasis. I am extremely happy with your product and highly recommend it for all garden lovers out there"
Sheri Caldwell, Tampa, FL

"I started using WaterSmart Crystals in my houseplants two years ago and the results were so good I am now using this product in my garden, which is pretty extensive. The results have been great. Not only has it cut down on the amount of watering I have to do, which saves me time, it has cut down enormously on the amount of water I use, which saves me money. Thanks for a great product"

Bonnie McConnell, Toronto, Can.

"I have been using WaterSmart Crystals for a couple of years now at my home in Tucson, AZ with great results. I also own a home outside of London, England and have had a lot of difficulty with the soil due to its high clay content. Last summer I tilled some of the WaterSmart Crystals into my garden and what resulted was a much looser soil that allowed my plants to grow healthier and larger than ever before. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to use it whenever I plant"
Brian Blake, Tucson,AZ

"Using WaterSmart Crystals in my windowboxes and hanging plants has reduced the constant need to water. It has also saved my plants from dying as they did before when I left my home for longer than a day"
Joyce Ross, Los Angeles,CA

"Great product! I was using this other supplier for my craft items and people thought it looked like clear mush,,,yours does really give the look of chunks of ICE!"
Tina Rose, Dragonfly Displays

"REALLY looks like Ice!!! Amazing! Everyone who comes to our house comments on my candle display."
Trish Rainhart, Richmond Hill.