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“Great product! Have tried others and they were like mush.”

“Great for my smelly jelly I sell in flea markets. People like the look much better than the mush that I was using before.”

“The results have been great. Language Marketplace provided translation services for this site, so we tried samples -really interesting results!

“….not believe how well they have flourished on just one light watering per week”

“REALLY looks like Ice!!! Amazing! Everyone who comes to our house comments on my candle display."

“Please find some of my pictures attached. Great product!”

“The grandkids were amazed! They always wondered why the Ice didnít melt!!”

Iíve just wanted to tell you that Iíve now made over 100 cool-ties for our troops. I want to thank you for the tips!”

Iíve always wondered it this stuff really works, so I thought what the heck, Iíll give it a shot. Let me tell you it does work. Not only do I water less, my plants look better than they ever haveÖ”

Just wanted to say that that simple question that you answered was asked to three other companies; not one responded. Just want you to know why Iím ordering from you!”

Water Gel
Water Crystals
Water Gel
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Your reliable source for expanding Water Crystals in both Craft colored water crystals and water Smart for soil and larger craft projects. 1 oz. of Product can absorb over 1 gallon of water. Over 80% of our business is "repeat" business with satisfied customers. Don't be fooled with some companies offering low quality "mush" like water crystals that will leave you dissatisfied with this amazing product. Trust us as others do!

Presently in many specialty stores across North America! We no longer sell online -only wholesale! =========>

Crystal Ice Watersmart Crystals
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Water Crystals polymer is odorless water-absorbing polymers used everyday in such diverse applications as planting/transplanting trees and shrubs, gardening gel, crafts, flower and vegetable gardens, indoor plants, potting, gel ice, evaporative coolers like: ties, bandanas, clothing, cool pads and pet coolers, lawns, sod farms, hillside planting, erosion control, and cosmetics.
These little water crystals absorb up to 400 times their weight in water, and expand to make beautiful clear gel-like water crystals. 1 oz. of material will absorb over 1 gallon of water.


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As a soil moisturizer or water system, WaterSmart acts as a water reservoir for the soil. Plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil, then as the potting soil dries, the water and nutrients stored and is released into the soil to be used by the plant. WaterSmart in your soil also ensure an even distribution of water. Every time you water your plants the WaterSmart will reabsorb water and store it for later use when the soil is dry. The Water crystals WaterSmart actually captures and stores the water that would normally just drain water through the potting soil creating a water reservoir. Water Crystals for crafts, gardens, cool ties, decor and smelly Jelly. Water Crystals look like real broken ice! Discount prices, order water crystals direct from the manufacturer! les cristaux d'eau, Wasser Kristalle, Cristalli d'acqua, água cristais, cristales de agua, water kristallen, veden kiteet, vann krystaller,













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