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1) WaterSmart Crystals will Improve soil conditions

Crystals will significantly improve water holding capacity of sandy as much as 400%!!! They also increase infiltration rates of water through clay soils as they constantly expand and contract when absorbing and releasing water. This not only keeps your clay soil looser but also makes growing plants in this hard to handle soil a pleasure.


2) WaterSmart Crystals Reduce the Need for Frequent Watering

When properly applied, WaterSmart Crystals can reduce the need to water by 50 - 70% in potted plants, 15 - 40% in lawns and golf courses, and in the 20 - 40% range for most irrigated field crops. The hydrated crystals will reduce the stress/dry periods in all plants by increasing the availability of reserve water stored for them in the crystals. The water stored in the crystals is 96 - 99% available to plants.

3) WaterSmart has Superior Absorption Rates

Crystals absorb approx.400 times their density in de-ionized water and in the 150-350 range in more salty soils. This means, practically, that one pound of crystals will absorb and hold from 15 to 40 gallons of water in the soil.

4) WaterSmart Reduces the Loss of Fertilizers and Nutrients

Crystals absorb, store and release soluble fertilizer and nutrients almost as readily as it handles water. This means a decrease in losses due to leaching which translates to better use of your fertilizer (especially nitrogen) and added nutrients.

5) WaterSmart Promotes Germination and Early Growth

When Crystals are placed in the seed row, emergence is increased for most plants, as well as early growth and survival of seedlings being improved.

6) WaterSmart Works Great for Trees and Shrubs.

Powdered Crystals make an excellent, inexpensive bare-root dip that promotes survival in transport and the transplanting of tree and shrub seedlings, and larger crystals provide extra, long-term water storage for the tree and shrub root systems when used for planting.

7) WaterSmart Crystals Last a Long Time

Crystals have superior longevity. They have been found to be more than 95% effective after five years in stable soil. Therefore the conclusion that the life span of the crystals is much longer can be made.

8) WaterSmart Crystals are of the Highest Quality

We believe our Crystals are the finest all-around water-absorbing polymer in the world. With the qualities they impart in the cultivation of both outdoor and indoor plants they can increase plant health as well as yield.

9) WaterSmart Crystals are Economical

Due to the previous high cost of Crystal polymer in the United States, its use has been primarily limited to nursery and houseplant applications. Now, with lowered overhead as well as our large scale manufacture process, we are making it available for most applications. This includes of course larger scale uses such as landscaping and even farming.

10) WaterSmart Crystals Increase the growth Rates of Plants

Studies done by researchers show that using WaterSmart Crystals in an agricultural application appear to raise yields from 8% to 22% higher than normal.

Using WaterSmart Successfully

WaterSmart Crystal's long life span, proven high performance, and low cost combine to make it practical and profitable. Our Crystals have literally hundreds of agricultural, landscaping, re-vegetation, turf, gardening and houseplant applications. But always remember- more Crystals are not necessarily better, and correct applications in the right places are EXTREMELY important to achieve maximum performance. WaterSmart Crystals are most effective when the correct amounts are worked uniformly into the soil areas where the plant's feeder roots normally grow.

WaterSmart Crystals and Safety Handling

This product has been determined to be non-hazardous by 29 CFR 1910.1200 (OSHA Hazard Communication Standard). Handle with good agricultural hygiene practices. Store away from children, food, pets and livestock. Wash hands after use. Contents; 94% co-polymer of polyacrylamide (cross-linked); 5 - 6% moisture; and residue less than 0.1% monomer.


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