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What are Water Crystals? How do they Work?

With an ever increasing world population that is constantly using up one of our most precious natural resources -water- WaterSmart Crystals can be extremely useful in reducing this waste. Landscaping and houseplants are a luxury, not a necessity and the least amount of water used in upkeep is just one way for us to do our part in preserving water.

WaterSmart Crystals are a completely non-toxic super absorbent cross-linked polymer that is capable of absorbing up to 400 times its weight in rain or irrigation water. As well it holds water-soluble nutrients and fertilizers so they are not drained away into the water table and are made available to the plant roots where they are needed.

These Crystals, when they come into contact with water, act like tiny sponges. Absorbing several hundred times their weight in water, they become water reservoirs that release their stores of water etc. to your plants when needed. This reduces the need for watering, saving you time, as well as making use of a much greater amount of water, saving the environment.

Wherever you mix or place WaterSmart Crystals they will hold the water, fertilizer and nutrients that you have put there for your plants. The Crystals overcome the force of gravity, holding the water in place, around the plant roots, where it can be used as needed. WaterSmart Crystals work with nature keeping the use of irrigation water to a minimum. This means conservation of our limited water and in these times of ecological awareness that is a sensible and responsible step.

WaterSmart Crystals allow you to reduce the amount of water used for plants by 50% to 70%. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Crystals remain effective for approximately five years, depending on soil conditions, bacterial action and other chemicals. They add nothing to the soil except what they hold in reserve-water, fertilizer and nutrients.

WaterSmart Water Crystals hold water exactly where it is needed, around the roots, resulting in improved growth and survival. This reduces or eliminates the stress placed on plants from under-watering, over-watering as well as dry/arid conditions.

Studies done by researchers show that using Crystals in an agricultural application appear to raise yields from 8% to 22% higher than normal. These studies were done worldwide. At 8% (the lowest) the Crystals are essentially paid for, yet they are still working for years after. The next years are clear profit. This makes WaterSmart Crystals economically viable as well.



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