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Water Crystals -Great for Crafts & Gardens!

COLORING YOUR Crystal Ice -Water Crystals & Water Gel
Hydrate Crystal Ice and drain well. Use ordinary liquid food color, the same type as you would for baking. Add a few drops of color and shake gently or stir carefully with a spoon. If more intense color is desired, add more food coloring. Remember that the color in your food coloring kit can be combined to make any shade (e.g. red + blue = purple).
Once Crystal Ice is colored, it will never be totally clear again. However, boiling it for a few minutes in lots of soft water will take most of the color out and it will become pale enough that you can re-tint it.


Use a flat candleholder with at least three inches of space around your candle. For pillar candles, simply place candle on holder and place hydrated Crystal Ice around it in whichever design you choose. For tapered candles, fasten to the holder with a glue gun or melted wax and surround with Crystals.

Group your candles as desired on a flat candle-holder or plate and secure with glue gun or melted wax. Surround with hydrated Crystal Ice, clear or colored.

CANDLES IN GLASS using WaterCrystals.
Place about an inch of hydrated Crystal Ice in a tall glass container. Add enough food coloring to give an intense, jewel-like effect. Place clear hydrated Crystal Ice on top and add a matching candle. This will protect your glass container from the breakage that sometimes occurs when the candle burns down to touch the glass. If you have a slim candlestick holder, this could also be placed in the container first and the Crystal Ice placed around it.

FLOATING CANDLES using WaterCrystals.
Use Crystal Ice instead of plain water and float your candle on top!

Design your candle arrangement and accent it with a few fresh flowers and leaves. Leave about an inch of stem on each flower, and have Crystal Ice fairly wet, so that the bases of the stems have access to moisture.

CANDLES AND SILK FLOWERS using Water Crystals.
Make a candle arrangement, using well-drained Crystal Ice. Silk flowers and leaves, etc., can be easily popped off their plastic stems and floated to accent your candle.

CANDLES AND POT-POURRI using Water Crystals.
After you have made a candle arrangement add a few drops of your favorite perfume or essential oil to the Crystal Ice. They will hold the fragrance and release it gradually.

WEDDING CANDLES using Water Crystals.
Color Crystal Ice to match your wedding decor and make candle center-pieces with real or silk flowers to correlate with the bouquets. Accent with tiny figurines and wedding favors.

CANDLE THEMES using Water Crystals.
Combined with your choice of candles, Crystal Ice makes a base for theme centre- pieces for any festive occasion or seasonal celebration. Combine with flowers, glitter, real or wax fruit, a wine bottle, ceramic ornaments .........create your own theme arrangement!

Some Examples of Water Crystals & Gel

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