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Water Crystals

Water Crystals

Crystal Ice Water Crystals are a super absorbent polymer that remains effective for years. Do not confuse our product with some other absorbents that become ineffective very quickly or decompose. Our polymer is made to last and is completely non-toxic. Our product consists of much larger crystals. Crystal Ice is a craft quality polymer. Once it expands, it has the look of ‘real’ chunks of broken ice.

Expanded Water Crystal
How does it work?
Crystal Ice water crystals absorbs water to expand up to 400X its original size. These polymer crystals expand as water is added and contract as it evaporates. Due to the crystalline structure the surface area available for evaporation is drastically reduced, so too is the evaporation rate.

What are Water Crystals or Crystal Ice used for?
Typical lower quality "crushed" water crystals are used for water retention within the soil; usually in dry areas, or areas with excessive drainage. Our high quality decorators grade crystal is made to last longer and has been sifted and cleaned for clarity and to give that "Ice Chunk" look! Other lower quality crystals can give you only a ice mush-not very appealing.

Typical décor uses include:

*Decorations and centerpieces


*Fresh cut and silk flowers


*House plants (helps keep watered for up to 3-4 weeks)


*Slow release of fragrances



Also find Water Crystals for Gardening

Water retaining crystals are a safe, non-toxic and odorless super absorbing polymer (SAP) that absorb many, many times their own weight of water.

Water Crystals can be mixed with soil and any fertilizers required and then watered but we have found that for domestic garden and hanging basket use, gardeners prefer to make smaller amounts and introduce the water retaining crystals to the exact place required.

Water Crystals are in the ground or your hanging baskets, the flowers and plants will have their own personal water reservoir. Any subsequent rainfall or watering will refresh the crystals.
Don't let your rainwater go to waste

Here is an excellent gardening tip! If you collect rainwater and find that once your water butt is full new rainfall is wasted, you can prepare some water crystals and store them in a cool place, in any container, even those excess supermarket carrier bags! For use later in the year.


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