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Crystal Gel:

Start by measuring a suitable amount(see package directions) of crystals into container that will hold the finished amount.

You can’t use too much water. Any excess water is going to be drained off in a strainer. You want to be sure you have enough water so your crystals absorb as much as they possibly can.

If your crystals are not expanding over a 1-2 hour period, they need more water.

In about 2-4 hours, your crystals will be fully expanded. Drain off excess water!

You can either purchase our baked in colored crystals or make your own by using food coloring in the water you add to the raw crystals or adding diluted coloring to the raw crystals-let stand one hour and then use clear water. Either way its a fun way to add color coordination to your designs!


1. Pour the crystals into a colander and rinse with water.

2. Place the crystals on a clean styrofoam tray or tray covered with wax paper.

3. In approximately 2 to 3 weeks the crystals will shrivel and dry back to a hard crystal. Place them in a baggie and save to use again.

NOTE: Sunlight can turn the gels somewhat slimy, so keep them out of direct sunlight or direct heat. You may add your own decorations, but be sure they will not rust or be destroyed by water. Food coloring may be added, but your crystals will be forever somewhat colored. WARNING: Cigarette/cigar smoke may affect the clarity of your crystals.





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